Hottest wives of NFL players

Although National Football League is not so widely spoken all over the world, chances that NFL players score not only on the field are pretty high. Not only they are an ultimate success to America and a pride for every Western man, the National Football League team is also the place for dozens of beauties, who are married to football players. Models, singers, entrepreneurs and TV-hosts – not only are those girls extremely sexy, but they are also very talented. Let's review the list of the hottest National Football League Wives.

Gisele Bundchen

The most sexy and one of the most successful models of all generations was born in sunny Brazil. Gisele has this last name because of her ancestry- her grandparents were from Germany. She lived in a big family, surrounded five sisters. When Gisele was a child, she never thought of a modeling career, preferring to play sports (and her height is perfect for serious sports as Gisele is 180 cm tall). In her teenage years, Gisele used to be skinny and tall (now her weight is 50 kg). Who would know that people who teased this girl for being tall in the high school will find out she is one of the most iconic models ever. In February 2009, she married a football player Tom Brady, and on December 8 she gave birth to her first son. In July 2012 it became known that the couple is waiting for raising another child. December 5 is a day when Gisele gave birth to a beautiful girl Vivian Lake Brady. Gisele enters the list of twenty sexiest models of all time, being in the second position.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is an American singer, actress, TV presenter and designer. Her rising to fame began in 1999 with role in the show "Dawson's Creek". Simpson released seven studio albums and appeared in dozens of television shows. The famous artist created her own perfume and released a collection of shoes and bags for women, based on personal sketches. She actively participates in charitable activities and is not going to stop there. Now Jessica has multi-millionaire business.

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is an American comedy actress, model, writer and TV-host. So much talent was concentrated in this fragile girl that the fans do not even have time to follow her professional activities. Olivia has gained popularity among viewers of the younger generation due to her attractive model appearance and outstanding talent.

Lilit Avagyan

Although American football players usually prefer Russian girls for marriage, this time, Reggie Bush decided to admire Armenian beauty, Lilit Avagyan. First, he used to date our one and only Kim Kardashian, but than this infamous football player started dating a dancer, and not in vain. Now they have two splendid children and live happily. Lilit Avagyan often poses for male magazines and commercials, proving that a second child doesn't retain her from having a smoking hot body.




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