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According to Article IV, Section 1 to 7 of the MNSHAPE By-Laws, membership in MNSHAPE shall be designated as (a) professional; (b) future professionals; (c) retired; (d) associate; (e) organization, institution, commercial (non-teachers or schools); and (f) life. "The membership year will commence on September 1 and continue through August 31 (MNSHAPE By-Laws, Article IV, Section 8).

Membership Categories

The following categories indicate the differences between the types of membership in MNSHAPE followed by the annual fee for each type. Remember that membership dues are tax deductible.

Professional membership shall be extended to persons certified and professionally engaged in or interested in the support of one or more of the disciplines of health, physical education, recreation and sport, dance, or related fields. Membership dues: $35.00.

Future professional members (currently enrolled higher education students) shall include full-time undergraduate students and full-time graduate students attending professional institutions who are preparing for a profession in health, physical education, recreation or sport, dance, or related fields. Membership dues: $20.00.

Retired membership is available to former professional MNSHAPE members. Membership dues: $20.00.

Associate membership is available to individuals who are not engaged in the profession but have a special interest in any of the respective fields. Membership dues: $35.00.

Life membership shall be extended to those professionals who pay a one-time membership fee of $600.00. All privileges and services of MNSHAPE are available with this membership

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